Early to Bed, Early to Rise

You know that old saying that is supposedly really deep and insightful: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”?
Well, it may be true but let’s face it, waking up before you’re alarm clock is REALLY annoying.  You feel as though you’re going to get every last minute of sleep that you can.  And then, without even having the consideration to ask you, your brain decides it wants to wake up early to have time to think and process and do whatever the hell it needs to do before the brain gets busy.
My brain is terribly inconsiderate lately.  It has decided to make all its decisions without a thought for my feelings or emotions.  My brain hurts and is tired on a whim; it speeds up or slows down at its own pace; and worst of all, it makes these decisions independently.  Never mind that it’s my brain.  It feels like it is self-sufficient enough to just circumvent the whole “thought process” procedure.
Now, for those of you who suffer from chronic sleep depravation (and I mean not by choice.  All college students are mildly sleep deprived because we have so much we have to get done), you know exactly what I mean.  You spend the entire day working your butt off doing homework, errands, chores, and trying to have a social life.  One of my professors once pointed out to me that college is the only time in one’s life where the world expects you to be good at everything.
Ha!!  I laugh in the face of this preposterous claim because we can barely keep up with our homework much less learn how to pay bills, manage our own money, and fuel our cars.  We have somehow managed the art of being a student but the whole growing up thing is a curve ball.  Who in the hell decided that once you turn 21 you are a “legal” adult?  Psychological research is pointing more and more to the idea that adolescents may extend into the early 20s.  I would like to believe that I am more of an adult than I am a kid because I am of “legal” age for everything.
But let’s be real…at the heart of it we don’t want to grow up and we all want to go to Narnia or Never-Never Land.  I choose Narnia…but that is only because I can’t stand the “I do believe in fairies!” line in Peter Pan….
In any case, if we were supposed to remain young forever, God would have made us that way.  As it is, Adam and Eve were created as full grown, sexy, naked human beings.  
Sighs….Oh well.  I guess everyone my age is just going to have an epiphany at some point.  We are growing up and there’s nothing we can do about it :-P.  And even though we’d rather remain kids forever, it is probably better to grow up well and remain a child at heart.
That’s what I think anyway.  But seeing as how I’m only studying psychology and am not an expert yet, I suppose you can disagree with me….

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