She is thinking of everything and nothing.  Her mind cannot help but wander to far off unseen places in her future.  There is only One who knows the path she is traveling.

Her heart is weary with the burdens of a thousand memories.  If only she knew what those memories were.  If only she could find those fated fears which bind her from her future.

She asks Him if He has a purpose…if there is a reason for all of this.

“Yes,” comes His assured and steady reply.

“That’s always your answer,” she retorts.  “Can we please hear something more original or at least more eloquent and charming.”

“Wouldst that thou heart would know that it is held by it’s Maker.  Oh that your soul would see its shining starlight.”

She is speechless.

She believes there is no way she will ever be worth that much to anyone…much less to Him.

“I know what you’re thinking,” says a cryptic and cunning voice.  “‘He must be lying,’ is the thought slinking throughout the chains of your cognition.”

“Go back to the shadow,” she curses under her breath.  “You have no power, nor hold, nor grasp here oh ‘high and mighty’ dark one.  Your place will always be in the pathetical valley of a shadow you call home.”

Suddenly, she breathes a little bit easier.  Her mind seems…clear as if the bright rays of the sun are finally poking through the heavy veils of fog.

She knows only one thing: her path is set before her.

She prays for the courage to step forward…