I was walking around downtown Singapore just thinking about life and enjoying the less-than-boiling-hot weather.  One of the things I try to do is look people in the eye on the street since pretty much no one does that in Singapore.

I looked at people’s faces and tried to think of the stories behind the sadness or joy or frustration in their faces.  Was that girl’s laughter genuine?  Is that couple really as in love as they appear to be?  Is that family enjoying themselves?

I think one of the saddest things about a fallen human nature is that we have lost the desire to be honest and open.  We all want to be known; we want people to know our stories.  But when someone asks me, “Tell me about yourself,” we often end up weaving a tapestry which does not resemble who we really are.  We are afraid the world will not like what they see if we show them the picture of our broken and cracked life.

But the ironic thing is, honesty is so very freeing.  This past week, I shared the most personal part of my life with my encouragement group at my work.  I was scared shitless leading up to the whole thing; I felt like a bird freed from its cage once I had let them see my heart.

I hope I can be known as a person who listens without judgement.  I’d like to be remembered as someone people went to to bear their hearts to.

I pray for the clarity to be non-judgmental and the grace to be loving in-spite of my own personal opinions and judgments.


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