Finding the Soul

Soul-less features but full wallets.  Empty wallets and a down trodden soul.

This is Singapore.

A city filled with a vibrancy so empty that its citizens can be looking for only one thing:


The train is filled with hundreds of individuals caught in the emptiness of their own thoughts.  While life and joy and fullness are only inches away from them in the smile and laughter of children, the adult’s eyes are glued to their mobile devices or lost in a space of frustration.

A pale sunrise goes unnoticed by all but the keenest observers who recognize that life is not found in the haste of coming and going.  Instead, it is found in the moments of stillness and insightful provokation to find beauty in that which goes unnoticed.

As I look into the faces of the city promoting “happiness, prosperity, and progress for our nation,” I wonder if this statement is a bygone dream.  I wonder if the men who wrote the pledge are saddened because of what they see.

Yes, there is financial prosperity.  Yes, Singapore has stood as a shining pillar of economic success in a time when the world economy seems to be sinking into ruin.

But happiness?  A sense of a full soul and satisfaction with one’s place in life?  I have never seen that here.  

There is always another promotion or condo or exam score or iPad or university or – something to be achieved.  In a culture raised almost completely on the importance of showing face and good performance, the brokenness of the home, the heart, and the mind have been sorely neglected.

Perhaps the people who penned that pledge are as oblivious to the problem as the people who follow its guidelines.  Perhaps, they are no more than what each and every individual on the planet is victim to: the consequences of a horribly fallen system. 

I look into the eyes of my fellow Singaporean’s and hope and pray and wish with all my being that they find the love of Christ. I hope that they come to realize–as I slowly do on a daily basis–that life is in the now not the what or the how or the when.


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