Today is my birthday. Yeah! I’m alive!

When I turned 20, I wrote a thing about reflections on my life and what it has taught me about the important things in life.

This year, I discovered September 15th is the UN International Day of Democracy and since humanitarian causes and work is one of m greatest passions, I thought I’d write something about democracy.

To me, democracy represents the citizens ability to have a voice. In America, I think we take democracy and the First Amendment for granted every single day. If I were living in the Middle East, the very idea that I am a woman who loves writing and wants to be internationally recognized one day would not only be frowned upon but silenced. Such thoughts and pursuits are dreams beyond the reach for many of the citizens of the world.

While the fight for democracy throughout the world is very clearly a political struggle, I truly believe that it is also a fight for us as individuals. Politics is not nearly as powerful as the voices of the world uniting for a cause.

I think the reason I believe in democracy strongly stems from my belief in the power of choice. I believe no matter what situation you are in, you will always have one choice which can never be taken away from you: the choice to choose hope.

So today…on this day where I celebrate my life and friends and family and loved ones…I pray for democratic freedom for the world. I plead with you to become more informed about injustice in your neighborhood or your school or your county.

Happy Birthday to my fellow human beings who share this date of birth with me. Happy UN International Day of Democracy.



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