Yesterday, I walked barefoot on a beach in Penang as dark and brewing storm clouds moved in overhead.  One minute the wind was strong–the next minute it could have knocked me over if I wasn’t careful.

While we were running to the car, a million worse case scenario situations ran threw my mind, mimicking the “hurry, hurry, hurry” push I felt from the wind.  “We could get pushed into a wall!”  “The wind could lift us off our feet!”  “We’re gonna die!!!!!!!!”

Alisa and I made it to the car perfectly fine.  As we reflected on our race to safety, we found it was quite a fun experience–but only because of the shelter of the car.

It seems to me such a perfect image of life: we get caught up in tomorrow’s worries or yesterday’s fears and it is not until we are able to look at life through the lens of experience and serenity that the tumultuous and rough transform into the beautiful and picturesque.

On this birthday, I was grateful that my life is not about me.  I choose to thank my Jesus for giving me the gift of life.  I embrace all of what defines me.  And I pray for the courage to do all the things I dream of doing.


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  1. abby · September 16, 2012


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