Breathe it In

“I have to separate the idea of what I do for a living versus what I do. Songwriting is the only thing that makes sense to me. Years of doing it helps, but the truth is that the reason you do it for years is because it’s what you do. It’s the only thing that I have that kind of shorthand on… I don’t know cars, I don’t know sports, and I’m not a math whiz. This is something that I look at and it just makes sense to me.”  ~Rob Thomas

I have just re-discovered MatchBox 20 in all its beauty.  I decided to look up Rob Thomas’ biography and found the above quote.

love what Thomas is getting at in this quote because I know exactly what he means.  People who aren’t artists or writers or composers always ask us how we do it and we have no answer.  We just do it.

Of course everyone hates this answer whether it’s out of jealous or just because they want a concrete explanation; but it’s the truth.  Music and art don’t make logical sense because they are the concrete representation of emotion and feeling and figuring out what the hell is going on in your head and heart.  Writing lyrics or painting on a canvas or sketching with a pencil is how we make sense of not only our personal world but the world as a whole.

I think the reason I do music is because I don’t think I could survive otherwise.  A lot of people say music is there life and some of them are telling the truth.  But I think the idea of living music can only truly be done by those who are  part of the creation and production of music.  There is something completely unexplainable and undefinable about the process and the journey of writing a song or creating a piece of art.

Being an artist-whether your a musician or a painter or someone who does graffiti art-is ingrained into the fibre of your being.  Musicians and artists think and see and move in a way that inspires what they do without really being aware of it.  Everyone once in awhile we are forced to think about what precisely goes on as part of our “creative process” but most of the time we simply breathe creativity in and out in exactly the same way everyone breathes oxygen to stay alive.

It’s completely normal for us but when asked to explain it, well, you may as well be asking us why we need to eat and sleep.


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