Welcome to the “Real” World

Here’s the thing about being an adult that they didn’t tell you after your college graduation: sometimes being grown up really sucks.

The thing about college is that you’re sort of in this blissful haze of excitement and craziness.  You’re away from your parents, you’re making new friends, and you can go to Dairy Queen at 11 o’ clock at night and no one’s going to stop  you.  Sure, there’s the hassle and responsibility of classes and homework but what college life is really about is making memories.

Then you graduate and you’re excited to take on the “real world.”  Wait a minute…if this is the real world, what have I been living in for the past 4 years?  Those decisions about insurance and career and life direction weren’t real when I was on a college campus but suddenly after they’ve given me a cap and gown and a piece of paper everything is real?

Now that can’t be right.

I’m not saying that adult life sucks all the time.  What I am saying is that I wish someone on the other side of college graduation would have told me that sometimes you don’t like your job and sometimes you fight with those you love and sometimes you just think, “What the hell is going on?”

I guess my point is that life is life.  Things are going to be good sometimes and then they’re going to suck; you’re going to be having the best time ever hanging out with your friends and then the reality of your insurance and bill payments are going to smack you up side the head.

What I hope I can learn to do is be okay with all of it.  Because if I go through all of the bad and the ugly times thinking, “This is all my life will ever be,” then that is all my life will ever be.

And that would be really sad…