Life sure is a funny thing.

At times in life we’re so into it. We’re “living it up” as they say. We’re working and loving life and hanging out with friends. Life feels like a party or great trip to a wonderful place.

But life also has valleys and dips.

Shit happens. We expect one thing and something else happens. We are disappointed, upset, and fed up with how things are.

But today–at least right now in this moment–I remember life is a journey. This journey is probably not as grand and epic as the one’s Frodo and Harry went on. And yet for each of us, it is grand in its own way.

Our grand moments are not destroying the One Ring or facing off with You-Know-Who; our big moments are conquering the small hills we face day to day. Maybe its getting through the work week or finishing up school or making time for the things you are really passionate about.

But I think the most important thing about the journey is this: acceptance. Acceptance that right here and right now is good. Acceptance that we are who we are and that’s good.

Acceptance that the journey is still going…and that’s good.


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