Life is made up of moments.  The thing that makes life worth living is what we decide to do with the moments we have and the moments we want.

Everyday life is pretty simple.  You wake up, you go about your day-to-day comings and goings and then you go to sleep at the end of the day.  Everything seems pretty basic.

But there are also times of extreme highs.  These highs can be good or bad, long or short, complicated or simple.  However you want to describe it, life reaches peaks and valleys.

I have found that in these moments, I not only find out who I really am as a person, I also discover what it is I really want to do with the life that is in front of me.  And more than realizing what I want to do, I find that I have the courage to move toward it.

Everyone has goals that lay ahead of them.  They can be clear, well realized goals with a clear path laid out.  They can be hazy, foggy images that slip in and out of our minds like mist or rain.  However they form themselves, we look to the future for where we want to be.

But what I realize, in this moment, is the things that are up ahead mean nothing if I don’t have the strength and courage to believe in them right now.  

Will I choose to take hold of joy and happiness?  Or will I let my frustration and anger and sadness consume me and leave me in a sad pit of regret, confusion, and turmoil?

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be ten steps back in my mind and attitude, but right know, I choose to believe in my dreams.  They will happen.

I hope and pray for courage to see them become reality.