How We Remember

I did not watch Singapore’s National Day Parade and I nearly forgot about 9/11.  I can be considered a bad citizen of both countries for which I hold a passport.

Please do not get me wrong; 9/11 was absolutely horrific and one of the greatest tragedies and injustices of our time.

But it is now twelve years after the fact and I live in a different country then where the event occurred.

I was only about twelve years old when 9/11 happened.  I could in no way comprehend the magnitude of what that day meant. I knew something bad had happened and I knew a lot of people were dying.  But what I remember more is that my classmate Travis Cochrum walked into class that day and sheepishly said that it was his birthday.

If you, like myself, were not directly affected by the events of 9/11, (no one you know died, none of your friends family members or loved ones died) I think it is much harder to remember this day as a day of tragedy.  I am in any way trying to belittle to the pain of those who have lost people and whose lives have been a living hell for the past twelve years.

What I am saying is that everyone–American or otherwise–was and continues to be affected by 9/11 in completely different ways.

And I do not think there is anything wrong with this.


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