Anyone who knows me even in the slightest, knows I love The Hunger Games.

Really, I am a massive geek about pretty much anything I like.  This means, when I see anything related to something I like, I jump up and down like a little girl and post a million related links to my Facebook timeline.  I am incapable of “sort of” liking something.  If I am into something, I am into it with everything I am.

I have started thinking about what my life would look like if I was this passionate in every area of my life.  I would like to think that I am already like this, but the reality is I spend much of my life just getting by living in a sort of survival mode.

I have bright moments–meeting with my friend Sanna to discuss writing, talking to my friends around the world on Skype–but for the most part, I have let my soul become resigned to this idea: “You are where you are and things are not going to get much better or more interesting.  Just deal with it.”

That is not the way I want to live.

I am not saying I am suddenly going to be the person who is bouncing with joy and smiling non-stop; that would be completely out of character.  

I am saying that perhaps I should take a bit of wisdom from my own life.  Being passionate about small things–books, movies, television shows–gives me great joy.  

Imagine the joy I would gain from being passionate about the things in life that matter most–family, friends, and maybe even the mundane tasks of every day life.

And if I start finding joy in these things , then perhaps I will be able to look at the road before me with hope and optimism rather than resignation and pessimism.

So here’s to a passionate life, a life lived to the full as much as possible.

And here’s a reminder to myself: it is okay to be on a journey; arriving is not as important as I think it is.