I Do Believe Something Very Magical Can Happen When You Read A Good Book

There is nothing like the joy and agony of reading a good book.

I like technology. It keeps me connected to people I love and feeds my need and passion for visual storytelling and art. I even like Kindle and eReaders (though as a hard core bookworm, I do feel a little guilty sometimes).

But there is nothing like picking up a book, opening its pages, and being completely absorbed into the world and characters. The anticipation of what is coming next, the avoidance of that impossible urge to let your eyes glimpse ahead, and the feel of the pages making their whispered rustles as they slip through your fingers.

A good book is more than just words on a page. It is an adventure, a journey of discovery about life, love, death, tragedy and–most importantly–one’s self. Every single book that has passed through my hands has changed me in some way.

I worry that this generation of young people is missing out on something so enriching and beautiful. We are glued to our screens and devices as if our lives depended on them. We are caught in a world of virtual connection that often closes off to the rest of the world.

There are whole worlds waiting to be discovered within the pages of books. 

I hope you read. I hope you read with other people. I hope you allow the beauty of language and written storytelling to show you the amazing and the adventurous, the tragic and sad, and the beautiful and terrible.

*The title of this post is a quote by J.K. Rowling.