Rainbow to Rain Clouds

Bright colors shine as the light filters through the crystal teardrops and dance across the grey canvas of the sky. They balance each other–two delicate elements–to make the perfect partners in this precise dance.

As rain waxes and wanes and the setting sun lowers its rays like a watchman trimming the wick of a lantern, the rainbow’s colors fade to pale pastels like the skirts of a maiden’s spring dress. She moves like light flickering across water as the wind moves graceful as the lithe body of the one who dances through it.

Finally, the pairing ends. Too much of the sun or rain–who can tell? But this dream-like performance is at an end as the two dancers make their way off the stage and walk along separate aisles.

These two wayward walkers will meet again but none can know the when or how or why.

And the dance they danced before will never be seen again.


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