I went to an Imagine Dragons concert hoping to have a good time. I didn’t really expect to have any deep revelations but I kind of did.

Dan Reynolds (the lead singer and front man of the group) said somewhere after the first couple songs that music he believes music is the one thing that unites people all around the world. 

Sitting in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, feeling the waves of energy and excitement and passion, I totally agree with him.

But I think it goes beyond that. Everyone in that audience was coming from somewhere–a long day at work, school and sports or activities, taking care of someone who’s sick, and a whole host of other things. Maybe they had a bad day. Maybe they had a great day.

None of those things really mattered once the band came on stage. For two hours, it was like being wrapped in this cocoon, cut off from the world and all its problems.

And even though I was just one voice in the midst of thousands, I still somehow believed that by shouting and singing and screaming I was part of something bigger and crazier and more beautiful than anything that could be achieved by a small group.

So thank you, Imagine Dragons, for hosting a night none of us will soon forget. Thank you for making music that makes our heartbeat, our ears ring, and our souls feel like they belong.

Thank you for giving us a small break from this world that often feels cruel beyond belief.

*Title taken from the Imagine Dragons song of the same name.



I don’t like writing about love but not for the reasons you might expect.

Since the dawn of humanity, we have been trying to understand romantic love. We write sonnet, books, movies, plays, notes, and music. We use countless other outlets to try and understand why we love the way we do.

But we often forget there is more than one type of love.

There’s the love you have for your dog or cat. There’s the love you have for things you are passionate about. There’s compassionate love. There’s empathic love. There’s love for family members.

And there’s the love you have for your friends.

I think this type of love is overlooked and misunderstood. Our society is so saturated and trained to think about sex and romance that when we see two people who are extremely close, we assume there must be some kind of romantic or sexual history between the two parties. This is often true but not always true.

I’m not trying to diminish romantic love. I’m just saying I believe love–all kinds of love–is what makes the world a better place no matter how cliche that sounds.

The love of my friends has gotten me out of bed on my most depressed days. It has made me laugh and cry and sing and shout. It has created amazing memories of being giddy with laughter and hours of deep conversations late at night.

So here’s to the late night Dairy Queen runs, the school dances, the nights crying, the graduations, the good-byes, and the reunions. My dearest friends, thank you so much for your love. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.