Being an adult is hard. 

I realize the above statement may make me sound like I’m a little late to the game. I’ve been a legal adult for the past five years (according to US legal standards).

But when I say being an adult is hard, I’m referring to the emotive turmoil surrounding identity and belonging not the seemingly endless list of responsibites to be completed. 

I’m twenty-six. I don’t have an established career path or even the beginnings of one. I’m only working once a week and sometimes it feels like I have no friends. 

And I’m single while friends and people younger than me are married and having children. 

But I do know what I want to do and who I want to become. I am walking step by step toward my dreams. I have a general plan of how I’m going to get there and overall, I’m optimistic about my ability to carry out said plan. 

So when I say being an adult is hard, I guess what I really mean is it’s hard work. 

But I’m beginning to realize it is so worth it. 


When the Moon First Saw the Sun

When the Moon First Saw the Sun

I wonder what the moon thought when she first saw the sun.

Was she jealous of her radiance or did she smile, stretch out a hand,

And say, “Hello, friend. Let’s walk a ways together.”


I wonder what the sun thought when she first saw the moon.

Was she drawn to her pale mystique or unimpressed?

And did she say, “Yes, dear. A walk would be so nice.”?


I wonder if today they think back with fondness and love.

Was it love at first sight or did they take some time

And space to understand who they were?


I think perhaps we’ll never know

But I’d like to think it was magical.