I thought I didn’t have anything to write this year.

Usually for my birthday post I reflect on some recent lesson or struggle I’ve been going through. It’s not that I haven’t been learning things these days. It just feels like I haven’t been learning anything significantly monumental.

I’ve slowly realized that we don’t always have to be learning something significant. What makes life life is the combination of the amazing and the mundane, the horrifying and the simple, the extraordinary and the everyday.

I think sometimes we think we want every day to be amazing or legendary but I don’t think that’s what we¬†really want because then nothing would be special. The novelty would wear off and those moments and days would just become normal.

So here’s to boring and routine. Here’s to day-to-day tasks that sometimes drive us crazy. Here’s to the days where things might be bad but not terrible.

Because life needs the commonplace just as much as the spectacular.