The Dip Between Hills and Peaks

The Dip Between Hills and Peaks

Soft swift sunset sweeps across dry grass

And tiny gaps between tight-lined almond


Black bellied starlings perch on stringed

Power lines with weathered wings waiting to



Black outline of factory pipes and towers

In front of vibrant oranges and pinks and


A soft divide between end of daylight

And dawn of night time plays in shifting



Day tomorrow may bring blistered heat

Or shifting breeze but this moment sings




When the Moon First Saw the Sun

When the Moon First Saw the Sun

I wonder what the moon thought when she first saw the sun.

Was she jealous of her radiance or did she smile, stretch out a hand,

And say, “Hello, friend. Let’s walk a ways together.”


I wonder what the sun thought when she first saw the moon.

Was she drawn to her pale mystique or unimpressed?

And did she say, “Yes, dear. A walk would be so nice.”?


I wonder if today they think back with fondness and love.

Was it love at first sight or did they take some time

And space to understand who they were?


I think perhaps we’ll never know

But I’d like to think it was magical.