Technology in an Age of Moral Relativism

I love science fiction. I write it, I read it, I watch it. So it’s fair to say I’m kind of technology geek. Anything that reminds me of something I’ve watched or read gets me pretty excited.

But I’ve also consumed enough science fiction to know what happens when technology goes massively, colossally wrong.

And it’s not pretty.

When I look at the kinds of technology being invented and created today, I ask myself this: are we losing our humanity or is technology helping us further who we really are?

I’m not saying I think technology is a bad thing. I’m writing this on a laptop, on a website, and after pressing a button this post will be available to almost anyone on the planet. How cool is that?

But in an age where right and wrong have become greyed and ambiguous concepts, technology and its applications become just as convoluted.

On the one hand, a robotically operated machine can perform life saving surgeries once thought impossible. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is reaching a critical point.

Are we creating beasts that will one day come back to bite the hand that feeds them?

I don’t really have any clear answers about this topic. I don’t think anyone does.

But I think it is very important we carefully think and discuss where technology will lead us.

Because one day, we will reach a point where measured thought and tangible boundaries may no longer be part of the equation.

And thinking of the possibility of that day scares me.